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Eve Maler

Some of the ideals they state are a matter of opinion (what if my privacy choice is to “trap” photos or messages on the single device where I captured them?), or dependent on the type of service (what about services that can’t function without a connection?), or specified at different levels of detail (The Long Now??). Also, “ownership” is still a fraught concept. Not to be picky, but...

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On Aug 31, 2020, at 6:47 PM, Lisa LeVasseur <lisa.levasseur@...> wrote:

Hi friends,


I shared this in the Certification WG last week and thought it was worth sharing with the whole mail list:


The principles in “local first” align well with Me2B principles—perhaps something we can consider in our certification.   


Also interesting to note that this was published over a year ago.




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