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Lisa LeVasseur

(Maybe safe to say that all 7 principles are a matter of opinion.)


The preference of keeping stuff local—I gotta think that’s allowed.  Maybe safe to say the principles need more contextual nuance.


And yeah, “ownership” is problematic.  BTW, I’ve been reading Sandra Petronio’s Communication Privacy Management  Theory and she makes clear that as soon as you disclose something, it becomes co-owned by both you and the confidant—as are the boundary management rules.  I’m finding CPM to be incredibly rich and relevant to thinking about information sharing and management (h/t to John Wunderlich for the suggestion months ago).




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Some of the ideals they state are a matter of opinion (what if my privacy choice is to “trap” photos or messages on the single device where I captured them?), or dependent on the type of service (what about services that can’t function without a connection?), or specified at different levels of detail (The Long Now??). Also, “ownership” is still a fraught concept. Not to be picky, but...

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Hi friends,


I shared this in the Certification WG last week and thought it was worth sharing with the whole mail list:


The principles in “local first” align well with Me2B principles—perhaps something we can consider in our certification.   


Also interesting to note that this was published over a year ago.




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