Welcome New Board Member Sheryl Wilkerson

Lisa LeVasseur

Dear Community,


I’m delighted to announce the addition of a new Board Member to the Me2B Alliance, Sheryl Wilkerson.  Thought we’d let Sheryl introduce herself in her own words (below). 


Welcome aboard, Sheryl!


"Personal data is one our most valuable assets and plays an increasingly important role in our economy and connected lives.  I've spent most of my career advocating for companies that develop and deploy innovative technologies that improve quality of life for people.  I believe in access to technology for all, but also the right to privacy, consent, transparency, good stewardship practices, and accountability in how my personal data and information is managed.  I know first-hand the devastating impact that privacy failures and intentional breaches can have on your life. 

As a lawyer, I am excited about public policy and efforts underway to establish more fulsome data protections.  As an entrepreneur, I've seen how technology can harvest data to democratize opportunity and level the playing field for underserved segments of society.  As a public servant, I understand the need to protect the public interest while enabling business growth and prudent use of data. As a private employee, I understand the immense responsibility companies have to ensure the fair provisioning of e-commerce services. 

I'm pleased to serve on the Board of the Me2B Alliance which is working with some of the most committed experts and knowledgeable thought leaders to develop standards for respectful technology that will create a fair and balanced future for those who use it."


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