All Aboard! Me2B Membership effective next week

Lisa LeVasseur

Hi Friends,

One week from today, the Me2B Alliance will be transitioning to a membership organization. What this means for you, as part of the Alliance community, is an opportunity to become an influential voice in the respectful technology movement. 


Starting October 26, all Alliance work will be taking place in the membership portal. 

To remain active in the Alliance community, please become a member before October 26.  


Better yet, join today!


For your convenience, here’s the link on the new website:

After you receive your membership login information, be sure to sign up for all the working groups you want to participate in--and don't forget ticking the box for All Members.  (We will automate this in the future.)  

Starting next week, all WG meetings will shift to a new conferencing platform, which you can view in the membership portal (members will also receive meeting invites next week and going forward).


We look forward to seeing you in the new membership portal very soon.


Lisa LeVasseur

Executive Director

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